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  1. Building Large Flask Apps In The Real World

    Scaling a Flask application is no immediately obvious matter. At we had ~22,000 line Flask application. At my previous employer our Flask application was significantly larger. Ultimately scaling a code-base is less about the framework used and more about the software design experience of the developers working ...

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  2. On Labour And Time

    Economics and time are closely bound up with each other. However you may think that humans determine value - and there is doubtless a heavy psychological and physiological component to valuation - time must necessarily serve a regulating function in this process. If something takes a long time to produce it is ...

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  3. On The Friend Zone

    It's probably time to take a break from the airy world of abstraction that I usually write in and come back down to Earth for a breather. Recently, over brunch, a debate arose amongst some friends about the "friend zone" - what is it? does it even exist? Now it ...

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  4. Nietzsche's Concept of Decadence

    For Nietzsche decandence is the symptom which led him to discover the modern illness - nihilism. It is a Darwinian genealogical disease - not necessarily one that creates inferior genes (though with the rise of epigenetics it is easy to speculate that this may not be the case), but rather one which ...

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  5. Internalized Tensions of Software

    Software developed in a for-profit environment is subject to two contradictory demands:

    • Use-demand: On the one hand, it must be useful, maintainable, and effectively meet customer needs.
    • Value-demand: On the other hand, it must deliver value (for example, profits) in as timely a fashion as possible, be subject to estimation ...
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